The Kokon

Een veilige plek voor transformatie

A thank you to:
- Wesley, my husband. Thank your for your patience, support and space to let me explore, heal and find my passion!

- A big thank you to my spiritual and emotional mentors - my teachers - over the years. Thank you for your presence, coaching, availability, example and faith in me, even on moments I wasn't able to have faith in myself.

- Brett and Tracy: Your wild heart circles let me always practice on that edge of my emotional energetic range. Thank you for all the patience challenges and comfort you gave me through these precious times. I has been special to be part of this group, the circle is in me and I definitely learned how Self-Leadership looks like through your example.

- Stan Grof: thank you for writing out my Spiritual Crisis, almost litterally in your book "The stormy search of the Self". For the first time my glory-time started to make sense and it was the first step towards integrating experiences and re-organisation of parts of my soul.


“I am so glad I found Dorien. I did a course of IFS therapy (over Zoom) with her while working through a recent traumatic event in my life which had stirred up some really difficult feelings. Dorien’s calm, compassionate and accepting presence, comforting energy, and skilled way of working helped me make amazing progress towards understanding myself better, feeling more empowered and finding some peace. I highly recommend her, especially for people who want support while working through deep and painful issues.
Ashleigh - South Africa”

"Dorien is a totally skilled and equipped coach/therapist. She helps a person to go to the core of the trauma you're endured, helps you to accept yourself and guides you through the process to have purpose again."

"When I met Dorien I was very broken, nothing made sense anymore. After a few sessions and a lot of tears I felt already better. Today I am a new person, thanks to her sometimes difficult assignments. "

"The moment I met Dorien, was astounded by her deep compassion. Every interaction was with heartfelt empathy, tampered with generous amounts of unconditional love and non-judgement. 
She shared insights and understandings of how to be at my son’s side during his journey, and what the opportunities where at different stages for us both. She was able to transform us both, in ways that where unimaginable, am forever grateful, that during this unthinkable time, to be able to heal with so much understanding and care from this precious Being Dorien. We continue to be friends to this day, even though we now both live in different cities, am happy to share that my incredible Son has made a wonderful full recovery."