The Kokon

Een veilige plek voor transformatie

Welcome in The Kokon

My name Dorien Knight. After living almost a decade in Africa I am back in my home-country, Holland since 2019. I am a registered Social Worker. But I often feel in Africa I had my real education. I worked there on dark places, bringing Hope and Light. I was sitting next to the broken. And I learned how to hold space, so healing can happen.

I started a coaching practice because I truly believe in the power of transformation.
In a space where there is safety, our darkest parts can transform into the most helpful recourses.

I am trained as a coach in different areas. My interest is to work with people who are going through:

- Trauma: I hold space for people to digest and process emotions and sensations what were too much to feel back then 
- while they are in charge - so healing can happen from the inside out.
- High Sensitivity: I can help to own the gifts of being High Sensitive and help you with tools to flourish in an, often overwhelming, society.
- Spiritual Emergence: sometimes growth goes too quick or nasty triggers take you out of balance. You can get into a state of disorganization, a spiritual crisis, where life is overwhelming and spiritual experiences can flood your consciousness. Through the system this is seen as mental illness, but it can be something else: a powerful attempt of the psyche to develop into more wholeness.
I would like to coach people to go safely through these processes (so new experiences can be emerged and integrated). I can help you to find meaning, to walk The Heroes Journey with you!

I am a person who is willing to go deep, I went through quite some life experience myself and faced my inner demons, so I am unafraid to meet yours.
One thing people say stands out for me, is that I can perceive without judgement. I can create a safe space where your experience can fully be there, without being made wrong, weird or mentally labelled. I truly believe in transformation.

I am a Level 2 trained practitioner in the Internal Family Systems model and I can help you working with parts of you who are difficult for you to access on your own. So you can get a different relationship with yoursel and finding your power (back).
I did training in Coaching/Counselling, Creative Therapy, EMDR and different approaches in bodywork, so we can move into different methods - just to find what works for you.

I mostly work online (Zoom - or possible on another platform like signal if prefered).
On request, you are welcome as well at my homebased practice in Ede - The Netherlands.
Sessions are €65,- per session (standard 60 min, up to 75 min for a safe closure).
I offer a package of 5 sessions for €300,-. It is possible to pay in British Pounds as well.
Prices are subject to change. (Last updated: September 2023)

Sessions are possible in Dutch or in English.

Through this page you can reach me, or directly on: +31616901794 /