The Kokon

Een veilige plek voor transformatie

Welcome in THE KOKON

My name Dorien Knight. After living almost a decade in Africa I am back in my home-country, Holland.
I am a registered Social Worker. But I often feel in Africa I had my real education. I worked there on dark places, bringing Hope and Light. And I learned how to hold space, so healing can happen.

I started a coaching practice because I truly believe in the power of transformation.
In a space where there is safety, our darkest parts can transform into the most helpful recourses.

I am trained as a coach in different areas. My interest is to work with people who are going through:
- Trauma: (also people who are going through religious trauma are very welcome) I hold space for people to digest and process emotions and sensations what were too much to feel, so healing can happen from the inside out.
- High Sensitivity: I can help to own the gifts of being High Sensitive and help you with tools to flourish in an, often overwhelming society.
- Spiritual Emergence: sometimes change goes too quick, it can turn around your life, your beliefs, your relationships. Going through a spiritual crisis is often seen as mental illness, but it is something else. I would like to coach people to go safely through these processes (so new experiences can be emerged, without coming into an emergency) and walk The Heroes Journey with you!

I am a person who is willing to go deep, I went through deep life experience myself and faced my inner demons, so I am not afraid to meet yours.
One thing people say stands out for me, is that I can perceive without judgement. I can create a safe space where your experience can fully be there, without being made wrong, weird or mentally labelled. I truly believe in transformation.

I did my Level 1 training in the Internal Family Systems model and I can help you working with parts of you who are difficult for you to access on your own. So you can get a different relationship with yourself and finding your power (back).
I did some training in Creative Therapy and in BodyWork, so we can move into different methods.

I am based in Ede, the Netherlands.
Sessions are 40 Euro an hour, online or in person.
Sessions are possible in Dutch or in English

Through this page you can reach me, or you can contact me directly on: +31639360639